Patinas for metal

What are Patinas?

The patinas that I work with are the coloured layers that develop on the surface of a metal over a period of time. In many instances, the development of a patina is considered desirable and may actually enhance the value of the item. The patinas where once only achieved naturally by allowing nature to work on the surface layers of the metals.

Modern methods have made it possible to create the coloured layers in a very short period of time, literally seconds when using Liver of Sulphur to darken copper or silver.

One of the more desirable forms of patina have to do with the gradual development of a brown or green film on copper, brass or bronze objects. Due to exposure to open air and the natural process of oxidation, an aged metal such as copper, brass, bronze, zinc in fact almost all metals can develop a patina if treated with the correct mix of chemicals or “recipe”.