About Us

Who are we?

My name is Pete Williams, I have always worked on art projects, from turned wooden items, bowls, goblets etc, leather with chunky silver necklaces and bracelets to fine silver jewellery.

One of the things that has always held my interest is how metals change their appearance over time, from simple brown rust on ironĀ and the greens and blues on copper all the way to the iridescent rainbow affect achieved by heating the metal.

I’ve spent the last 10 years or so working with and refiningĀ patina recipes so that they give reliable results.

I’ve been able to work on many projects large and small, from restoring pieces that have been damaged or simply worn out work to new art installations small and large.

I’ve started to sell some of the patina solutions and powders that I use to both etch and add a patina to metal through Amazon and Ebay

I’ve also developed a range of reactive metal loaded paints that allow you to generate a 100% authentic patina on almost any surface, currently we have Copper, Bronze and Iron paints available. The paint is water based and has been used on many materials with excellent results.